Why You Need Aluminum Anodes for Your Marine Park Tour Boat

The Australian tourism sector is a multi-billion dollar industry.  For instance, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 2 million tourists visit the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park annually. These numbers translate to about AU $5 billion in tourism money. The figures mean one thing; your boat could be a lucrative source of income. However, since commercial boat owners are allowed to take tourists around the entire park, you would need to maintain your boat well to reap meaningful benefits. Protecting your boat from underwater corrosion is the first step towards such maintenance. This article highlights why aluminum anodes are the best choice for preventing corrosion on your boat.

Immune to Calcareous Coating -- The Great Reef Marine Park is situated in salty water. Ideally, any unprotected piece of metal that goes into seawater develops a calcareous coating. The calcareous coating is a layer of calcium that forms on the surface of a protected surface. Nonetheless, the disadvantage of a calcareous surface is that you will be required to change your anodes regularly. It is attributed to the fact that your boat would spend most of its time in the salty waters of the marine park. On the other hand, aluminum anodes prevent the formation of a calcareous layer, which is a great relief.

Cadmium-Free -- As a potential commercial boat owner in the Great Marine Park, you would be required to keep the ecosystem free from pollutants. Such initiatives keep the tour boat business profitable because tourists keep visiting the park. Noteworthy, cadmium (a known pollutant) is used extensively as part of the alloy that forms the anodes. However, by using aluminum anodes, you would make sure that your boat is less hazardous to marine life since aluminum anodes are cadmium free. Additionally, the environmentally friendly anodes would ensure that you abide by rules and regulations of the tourism department.

Higher Current Capacity -- Anodes function by delivering a voltage that drives the current between a protected material and the anode. The higher the anode's current capacity, the longer it will keep providing the same amount of voltage through its useful life. Most importantly, compared to anodes made from other metals, aluminum types have a higher current capacity. With tourists visiting the park all year round, you do not need an anode that requires monthly replacement. Aluminum anodes would ensure that your tour boat business runs without interruptions for longer periods.

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