Ways a Town Planner Can Help With Your Home Rebuilding Project

If you want to rebuild parts of your home, you may need a planning permit. A town planning expert can help write and get this approved. Here are some ways they can help.

Increase the Chances of Approval 

A town planner can help increase the chance that the council will approve your planning application. Local councils have a planning scheme that explains how the land in the region they control can be used and developed. Some zones, for example, may be designated for private rather than business use. Other areas may be classified as heritage zones, and the planning scheme covers the specific ways they can be remodelled.

Your proposed development will need to be consistent with the council's scheme, and a town planner can help to ensure that it is. These experts are familiar with all parts of the council's rules and regulations, so they can advise on whether your application is likely to be approved.

Liaise With the Council  

A town planner can write a planning application and liaise with the council as it moves through the approval process. They can also interact with other professionals on your building project, such as architects and landscapers. If the council has doubts or questions about specific aspects, such as the treatment of trees or details of the proposed building, the town planner can explain how these aspects are consistent with the planning scheme.

Because they have an overarching viewpoint and are experts in the design of regions and suburbs, town planners can take on this central role. If any changes are needed, they can discuss these with you and consult with the various people involved in the project on how it can be done.

Avoid Delays

A town planner can help to avoid delays in your project, which can be costly if you have construction teams and tradies lined up to begin at a specific time. They'll help avoid delays in the first place by aligning your proposed project with the council's planning scheme. Plus, they can make quick amendments if needed to avoid multiple plan changes.

Can Advise on What Projects Need a Planning Permit

A town planner can advise you if you need a planning permit in the first place. These permits are about changes in how land is used and how it's developed, so different kinds of situations require a permit. For example, you may run a business from home and plan to expand to include employees working at your address. Because you are using the land differently, it may require a planning permit, usually if significant expansion is proposed. If your building renovation includes subdividing the land, then that delineation of the land will require a planning permit.

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