Why Outdoor Roller Blinds Are No Shrinking Violets

If you are thinking about creating an outdoor space that you can really enjoy in summer without being blasted by the sun at all times, then it is hard to ignore the benefits offered by roller blinds. However, it can be easy to assume that roller blinds that are meant for this purpose are similar, if not identical, to roller blinds that are built for indoor use only. That is, however, not the case at all. Outdoor roller blinds are no shrinking violets and are built for the tough conditions they will face. Here are a few reasons why they are so strong.

Protection Against UV Rays

These outdoor blinds can, depending on the exact type, protect you from up to 99% of UV rays due to a very strong internal construction that deflects and absorbs them. That does not mean they will fade either, as they are made with a very strong colouring that can last for years and years with little to no discolouration. This makes them exceptionally dense, so if visibility is a concern, you may want to go for one with slightly less UV protection (that will still keep you protected from the majority of the sun's rays) that is more open.

Special Coating On The Frame

Most of the frames used in roller blinds, both indoor and out, are made from aluminium because it is lightweight, exceptionally strong and do not rust. However, outdoor roller blinds have an additional layer of protection that helps provide protection against corrosion of all types: powder coating. This powder coating might not seem like much, and it is hard to notice just by looking at it, but it will give you much more life out of your aluminium and ensure that come rain, hail or shine it will still look good in the oncoming years.

Choose Your Power Source

Outdoor roller blinds can come with either a motorized or manual mechanism that allows you to adjust their length. The motorized varieties are also treated for outdoor use so there is no risk of them failing either. For older Australians, these motorized roller blinds are a blessing, but for those looking to save a bit of money then choose a manual option. The manual option's only power source is you, so it can take a bit of getting used to but after a while, it will be like second nature and it will last for as long as the blinds themselves do.

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