How to Build the Home of Your Dreams on Sloping Terrain

If you want to live in a particular part of your state due to its natural beauty, then you may have purchased a parcel of land in order to build a custom home. If this land is on the side of a hill, it can afford you uninterrupted views of the far-off countryside so that you can enjoy each and every day. Still, the nature of the terrain is likely to pose you a challenge or two, and you may wonder how to proceed with your dream home build. Is it possible to get what you want and build on such a slope?

Cutting and Filling

Home builders have a number of different solutions to help you if you want to construct your home on uneven terrain. The first solution may be what is known as "cut and fill," where you simply level out the land by moving the dirt from one place to another. In other words, you will cut into the terrain until you have established a 90° angle and can then build a retaining wall at that point. You can then extend the base outward, build another retaining wall at a 90° angle and use the dirt from the first excavation to fill in the gap.

Adding Stilts

You may also be able to build some or most of the property on specially designed stilts. Perhaps you can set it all up on several different levels by using internal stairways and a secondary set of stilts, and you may be able to take maximum advantage of the terrain in this way. For example, you may be able to add a separate suite off to the side of the main property that faces in a totally different direction but that can still take advantage of an elevated view.

Other Options

Some home builders may choose to build the main part of their home on a relatively level part of the property but then introduce a basement of some kind beneath. In this case, one side of this particular structure will be open and the other will be enclosed. This type of structure will have to be carefully designed from the outset as well, as you will need to take into account the considerable force generated by the sloping hill behind.

Master Builders

As this type of construction is, by definition, quite unusual, always make sure that you work with builders who have experience and who can help you to achieve your dream. A local company such as Jeffrey Hills and Associates can help.

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