Interior Design tips to spice up your new pontoon

If you recently purchased a pontoon, you're probably looking forward to exciting water adventures. But before you push your new toy into the deep, consider how it looks on the inside. A plain-looking pontoon can reflect negatively on your energy levels while exploring the water. You need an exciting and stylish interior to make a statement as you're sailing around.

When decorating your pontoon, it's the little things that matter. How you arrange your seats, what you use on your floors, and how your roof looks like can make a big difference. Here are some useful tips for decorating your pontoon's interior.

Start with the seating space

Many pontoons already come with anchored seats. This means that you can't move them around as you would move chairs in your living room. However, you can still make them look better than they currently are.

Consider adding custom seat covers that match your colour preferences. Waterproof covers are even better, as they won't easily get damaged. Bright colours are vibrant and lively choices. You may also explore neutrals such as grey, beige, and white (they work perfectly for a calm and relaxing feel). If you're looking for more customisation, change the material of your pontoon chairs. Cotton and leather are both comfy and stylish options.

Update the flooring

To complete the look of your seats, floors will play an important factor. You can obtain unique and customisable patterns by using vinyl or laminate flooring. These materials are resistant to water damage (when properly sealed). You can also select from a wide range of custom designs. Synthetic teak decking is another top choice material to consider. If you're looking for a simpler option, obtain a floor rug for your pontoon. Rugs are easy to use and they add comfort to the main pontoon area.

Consider the wall furnishings

On the inside walls of your pontoon, consider adding custom paint or wall furnishings. Simplicity is key, as you don't need to overstuff the limited space that's available. Explore marine-based décor, such as paintings of the ocean or water vessels. The same goes for colour choices. Neutrals and earth tones will contrast perfectly with the surrounding water.

Add accessories

Finally, make sure your pontoon is designed for comfort. Install a small cooler in the main sitting area. This will keep your drinks cold during a hot, sunny day. You can also add cabinet spaces to act as storage for personal items while on the pontoon.

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