What to do when the engagement ring you chose does not fit her finger

When buying an engagement ring, people mostly think about the material of the band and the quality of the stone. Sometimes, you may concentrate too much on the look on her face when you pop the question and forget that the ring has to fit her finger. Well, in case you bought a ring which is either a size too small or one too large, you may have to think about getting it resized. Here are a few tips and guidelines which will be of great help.

Resizing by adding more metal to the band

If the ring you bought was a size five, and your fiancée's finger is a size six, you will have to get it enlarged.  Normally, the professionals in resizing cut through the shank of the ring and add a bridge of gold to make the ring a bit larger. The two ends of the band are pulled apart and a bridge of metal is added, making it a size larger. Before going for this option, ensure you have the correct ring size of your fiancée, and that the ring did not fail to fit because of a temporary swelling problem.

Stretching the band

The jeweller may decide that instead of adding metal to the ring, they will stretch the existing shank. They do this by pulling the entire shank apart and stretching it to make it longer than it is. The process should be handled with a lot of care because there is a very high possibility of the ring getting ruined in the process. The method may also make the ring weaker than it was, but it is quite affordable.

Resizing to reduce the size

If your ring is larger than the diameter of your fiancées finger, you will have two options. The first option is cutting off a portion of the band to make it smaller. This should be handled with care as it may ruin portions of the ring. The other option is adding overlays. Ask your jeweller if this option is available before choosing to cut the ring because this method is less harmful.

These are some options which are available when the engagement ring you bought is not a perfect fit for your loved one. The important thing is to make sure that a professional jeweller takes care of the size modification. Taking your ring to anyone who claims to know how to resize is recipe for complete disaster.

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