How to Choose Bar Staff Uniforms That Match Your Brand

Have you spent hours carefully crafting a unique brand image for your bar? Splashed out on expensive decor? Created the perfect menu design? All that goes out the window if you haven't chosen the right uniforms for your bar staff. Staff wearing poorly-chosen uniforms will look out of place and make your brand appear incoherent and ill-thought out. Luckily, it's not hard to choose uniforms that capture the spirit of your brand without breaking the bank. Read on for details on how to choose workwear that will make your staff look and feel like part of your brand.

Include Your Brand Colors 

If you've chosen uniforms that look pretty basic, like black shirts and black trousers, there's an easy way to inject some branding using color. For a formal look, have your staff wear ties in one of your main brand colors. This could be a color that features in your logo, on your menus, or around your bar. For a more relaxed look, perfect for rustic bars that also serve food, ask staff to wear colored aprons. These are really eye-catching, and they're easy to swap for clean versions if they get stained over the course of a shift.

Have Your Logo Embroidered Onto Items 

Got a great logo that perfectly encapsulates your brand? Having it embroidered onto your bar staff uniforms is a smart move. Seeing your logo repeated around your establishment, on your menus, online, and on your staff uniforms increases the chance that customers will remember your bar and recommend it to friends. Branded uniforms are also really effective at making staff feel like they're a valued part of the team, improving employee loyalty and retention. Remember that your staff will be ambassadors for your business whenever they go out in branded uniforms and lay out any ground rules from the start. For example, no smoking in uniform.

Choose the Right Uniforms

Before choosing your uniforms, you need to think carefully about your target customers and the type of environment you're trying to create. Going for a high-end feel? Crisp white shirts and polished shoes are a must. Want to create a casual hangout for young people? Branded polo shirts, jeans, and trainers might be a better option. Be sure to look at all the uniform options before making your choice - don't just pick the first outfit you see.

Want your bar staff to become brand ambassadors? Make sure you give them the right uniforms.

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