How to Ensure That Your Business Contact Details Are Always Within Your Prospect's View

How much would you pay for a product that was able to keep your business name front and centre in the eyes of your prospects and existing customers? You'd probably be willing to pay quite a pretty penny for that type of advantage over your competition. The secret is to come up with a product that these people would want to hold on to. You might think that it would be impossible to design such a solution, but one does exist. What do you need to bring into your marketing toolbox to set yourself up for success?

Why the Old-Fashioned Way Doesn't Work Anymore

Over the years, businessmen and women have become used to handing out cards, complete with their contact information. This is a way to transfer crucial data and (hopefully) get people to hang on to such details for future reference. While many people do, indeed, keep business cards that are given to them, they invariably find their way into a large pile of similar handouts. Certainly, they may sit in an office desk drawer, but that's hardly "front and centre."

How to Do It Properly

The answer is to print your business card details onto a product, rather than just a piece of card. Go one step further by ensuring that the product will definitely be retained by the recipient. Then, your name, address, website and telephone number are attached to an item that is in constant use by your prospect. It's an ideal scenario and one that is certainly possible when you select a promotional USB drive as your tool.

The Advantages of the USB

As you may know, a USB drive is a very small storage device that is designed to plug into laptops and other computers. It receives and stores a great deal of information, ranging from files to videos, from programs to music tracks. A USB drive is quite a lot cheaper than certain "cloud" based storage services, which typically charge a monthly or annual premium for access.

Why They Will Hang onto This

If your prospect downloads crucial files onto the USB drive that you gave to them, they're going to keep it handy. However if you're smart, seamlessly attached to the drive will be a piece of plastic, onto which your business card details will be printed.

This is so simple, but it is very effective, as it can easily fit into somebody's wallet. Unlike the cards of your competitors, it won't find its way into a dusty desk drawer. Just ensure that your business card design is very professional and well presented.

Taking Advantage

So, if it's time for you to order replacement cards, don't opt for a conventional product but supercharge your marketing with a USB approach instead.

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