How You Can Safeguard Your Dynamic Work Operation on Any Highway

Whenever you are working on a highway, you have to expect the unexpected. No matter what type of work you are performing, safety has to be the first consideration. Often times, the work may involve a mobile operation, where individual operatives move from one position to another. This presents additional complications and necessitates the use of a special type of vehicle. What type of vehicle is ideal to safeguard a moving operation, such as dropping traffic cones or painting lines on the roadway?

Cushion Trucks

Special crash trucks are known as "truck mounted attenuators," and have been designed to move slowly behind any mobile work operation on the open road. Some people call them cushion trucks, as that's what they do – provide a cushion or crumple zone, should a fast-moving vehicle enter the danger area.

How Do They Work?

These trucks are designed to deform themselves, should they be hit by an oncoming vehicle.  Simply put, there's a lot of "give" in the rear impact surface, that helps to slow the errant vehicle down while avoiding as many injuries as possible.

Government authorities recommend or mandate these TMA trucks be used for any mobile highway operations. The operation of the truck will be dependent on the type of operation and the nature of the road in question. Furthermore, specific guidelines are laid down that dictate exactly where the truck should be placed.

A gradually growing buffer needs to be implemented, if the traffic in the area is fast-moving. The vehicle also needs to be driven at a certain speed and in a specific way, in order to ensure that it presents the greatest protection.

Necessary Training

TMA drivers have to undertake special training to ensure that they understand their responsibilities and place the vehicle correctly at all times. Sometimes, road and traffic conditions change as a job is unfolding and the driver needs to understand how to modify their control of the truck in these cases.

Emergency Action

More often than not the nature of the TMA, with its very bright and fluorescent colouring, will be enough to help avoid most incidents. However, sometimes an accident will occur and at these times the TMA operative also needs to be fully trained in emergency first aid. They will also need to capture all the details of the incident and store the information for use by emergency authorities and insurers.

Using the Latest Equipment

Ensure that you use only the latest in truck mounted attenuators, whenever your operation calls for a mobile activity.

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